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Please enjoy the richness of the animal-based soup, the sweetness of the vegetables, and the accent of ginger, giving it a deep flavor typical of Hokkaido.

【Raw materials】

Noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), egg white powder, salt, wheat protein), miso, sugar-mixed isomerized liquid sugar, salt, soy sauce, animal fat, garlic paste, meat extract, vegetable extract, ginger powder, onion powder, pepper , chili pepper/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, kansui, acidulant, coloring agent (gardenia), spice extract, (contains eggs, wheat, soybeans, and pork in part)

【Allergic substance】

Eggs, wheat, soybeans, pork

【Nutrition facts】
energy  319kcal

protein  12.9g

lipid   3.3g

carbohydrates  59.9g

salt equivalent    6.9g

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