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This miso ramen uses Matsuya's "Tori Vegetable Miso", which is popular in Ishikawa Prefecture and other parts of the country. It is characterized by a rich yet deep flavor that brings out the flavor of the ingredients.

【Raw materials】

Noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), egg white powder, salt, wheat protein), miso, seasoned miso, sugar, salt, meat extract, sesame paste, bonito flakes extract/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, kansui, coloring ( caramel, gardenia), thickener (xanthan gum), (contains egg, wheat, sesame, mackerel, soybean, chicken, pork, and gelatin)

【Allergic substance】

Eggs, wheat, mackerel, sesame, soybeans, chicken, pork, gelatin

【Nutrition facts】
energy  316kcal

protein  12.9g

lipid  2.5g

carbohydrates  60.6g

salt equivalent    7.2g

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